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The HOICHI ToriiGateway “The UniSwap Killer”

The HOICHI #ToriiGateway “The UniSwap Killer”

Experience the #ToriiGateway opening the ability to swap and bridge [1000+] tokens across [30+] blockchains, including Shibarium.  In our thorough testing phase, [we were able to swap #Bone from Shibarium blockchain to Ethereum Blockchain in less than 60 seconds, with minimal fees (less than 4 dollars).

This is an impressive result, which leads us to believe that #ToriiGateway is for now the most efficient cross-chain technology in crypto.

The #ToriiGateway is powered by Fusion’s Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) in partnership with Catoshi and Spade Tech in a stellar cryptospace collaboration.

DCRM is a trademarked security protocol that implements cryptographic technology which is constantly randomizing and changing the encryption keys of the bridge and swap to maximize security.

HOICHI – The safest place to be

HOICHI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The Ethereum smart contract has taxes (1% buy/2% sell) which provides the token with liquidity (which is burned) and DAO funds to build projects together. Some of the 369B supply is also available on the Shibarium blockchain.

Fees collected by ToriiGateway will also be transferred to the dao wallet for further utilities.

In their Medium, dev wrote:

‘We do it for teh ppl…A blind biwa hoshi with no ears who sings about Dan no Ura, the souls that have been lost from the war. In the same concept, $HOICHI is singing about innocent souls who fell in scams and larps and victims of the old experiment [Shiba Inu].  $HOICHI dreams to build towards decentralization with those innocent souls”

There’s no team leader, no tax for dev. The purpose of the taxes is only for the holders and the builders of #HOICHI.


Before #ToriiGateway, HOICHI had already built a remarkable utility for the project. A collection of 369 NFT with perpetual rewards for holders.  For each randomized contract sell one lucky NFT hodler wins 3.69% of the taxes moved to the DAO wallet.

Who will be the next lucky lottery winner?


In their medium article “I am a nobody”, dev said that they won’t use their power. But a lot of holders documented some powerful clues and front runs since the beginning.

It’s crystal clear that dev was part of Shib team. Some people say they follow Ryoshi’s vision. We don’t know for sure who they are. But we know that the vision will lead us to a bright future in crypto.

Keep in mind, the utility of this project is YOU, be free frens.

Join us in this new chapter as we enter the era of cross chain travel uniting all people through the Torii Gateway.

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