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Explosive Revelation of how the Hostility of the Mainstream Media and the Democrats every single day tries to break the 45th president

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – In a riveting exposé, acclaimed international political journalist and writer, Johannes Kriek, unveils the shocking truth in his latest book, ‘First Battle – Inside the Mainstream Media’s War on Trump’s Presidency’.

Amidst the anticipation of the 2024 presidential elections, Kriek’s groundbreaking work doesn’t just dissect; it detonates the narrative surrounding the media’s disdain for Trump. This is not just a book; it’s a timely revelation that thrusts readers into the tumultuous relationship between the former President and a media landscape fraught with manipulation, fake news, and political framing.

Inside ‘First Battle’, Kriek dismantles the façade of objectivity, exposing the deep-seated animosity harbored by the Fake News Media against Trump. This meticulously researched and thought-provoking masterpiece peels back the layers, offering readers a ringside seat to the tactics employed by mainstream media outlets, Democrats, and Big Tech in their relentless pursuit to undermine President Trump.

Drawing from a treasure trove of over a hundred meticulously curated articles, Kriek presents an irrefutable case, showcasing how media bias influenced the reporting of Trump’s actions and statements. His keen insights and analysis unveil the deliberate shaping of narratives, providing readers an unfiltered look at the mechanisms used to sway public opinion.

As the political arena gears up for the 2024 elections, ‘First Battle’ serves as a powerful wake-up call, urging readers to critically evaluate the messages they consume and question the objectivity and fairness of mainstream media. Through captivating chapters, Kriek explores the concept of fake news and the profound impact of framing in political discourse, inviting readers on a compelling journey that challenges conventional narratives and encourages informed analysis.

About the Author:

Johannes Kriek stands as a beacon of truth-seeking journalism with a distinguished career as an international political journalist. As the founder and President of Brain Box Media Training, the world’s largest media training company, and the editor-in-chief of K-News Media, Kriek continues to influence the media landscape with his unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. His decades of experience and incisive analysis make ‘First Battle’ a must-read for those seeking to unravel the complex dynamics of media bias.

For media questions, interview requests, book copy requests, you can contact the author Johannes Kriek by mobile phone +1-561-319-4230, via the e-mail address: or via the website www.JohannesKriek .com.

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